Sophie Conran Trug, Hand Trowel & Hand Fork, Twool Twine, Tree & Shrub Tie & Seedling Labels

Whether an established old-timer with gardening know-how, a novice or a garden tinkerer the gorgeous gardening goods in this bundle are far too important and lovely not to own.


Sophie Conran Trug

Keep all essential garden tools in one place with this beautiful Sophie Conran trug. 

A stylish and practical, handmade garden trug in galvanised steel, ideal for holding tools, labels, twine and other gardener’s bits and bobs as they garden. The two roomy compartments give enough carrying capacity to house a good selection of essential tools, yet it’s not so bulky that it makes carrying a problem.

The design is stylish enough for carrying cutlery, ketchup and napkins out to the garden, if entertaining outdoors. Easily portable. Beautiful. Simple.

Twool Purple Twine

Here at Pea-Green we adore Twool. The colour, the quality, the brand ethics. Twool is a super sustainable general-purpose garden twine with exceptional strength and longevity, it is soft to handle and kind to plants and meets the needs and more of the increasingly environmentally aware modern gardener.

Made from Dartmoor wool and entirely manufactured in the UK making it a sustainable choice. As a no waste product, twool twine continues doing good after its working life by releasing nitrogen as it biodegrades on the compost heap.

Hand Trowel

Gardening can’t take place without a hand trowel. A bold statement and a bold little trowel. This stainless, Burgon and Ball affair is as solid and reliable as a trowel needs to be. 

Hand fork

This hand fork goes with the hand trowel like fish goes with chips. Stainless, Burgon and Ball, RHS endorsed; a quality product to own, even if it never gets to see the soil!

Slinky Minky Tree and Shrub Tie (or simply a very useful and lovely length of rope)

Another fabulous Twool product, made from Dartmoor wool, the Twool tree & shrub tie is exceptionally strong and durable making it perfect for a practical tie or for general garden use. This super sustainable twool tree & shrub tie is a biodegradable alternative solution to plastic or wire. We feel sure that even Monty would approve.

Seedling Labels

No. These are not lolly sticks. They are little wooden seedling labels. A natural way to keep track of what seeds have been sown. 50 beauties in a pack. Re-usable each planting season.

Sophie Conran Trug

  • Galvanised steel with waxed beech handle
  • Dimensions: width 21cm, height 13.5cm, length 33.5cm
  • Weight: 628g
  • Handmade and aged to give each piece its own character

Twool Purple Twine

  • Made from Dartmoor wool, manufactured in the UK
  • No waste product – totally biodegradable
  • 100 metres of purple garden twine

Hand Trowel

  • Weight: 196g
  • 7cm (width) x 30cm (length)
  • RHS endorsed
  • Wooden handle (FSC certified, supporting sustainable forestry)

Hand Fork

  • Weight: 228g
  • 8cm (width) x 29cm (length)
  • RHS endorsed
  • Wooden handle (FSC certified, supporting sustainable forestry)

Wooden Seedling Labels

  • Each label is 12.5cm x 0.9cm
  • Wooden 

Twool Tree and Shrub Tie

  • Made from 100% British wool
  • Approx. 5m in length
  • Made in the UK
Weight1 kg


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