Hand-turned Oak Spool, Dartmoor Green Fingers Twine with Frog Mug

Always handy to have in any garden shed or around the home is a ball of twine. But let’s not get too practical about this. Let’s admire the quality of these beauties – the Green Fingers Twine is made of 100% Dartmoor wool, the Oak Spool is hand-turned in Devon and the mug is simply frogalicious!  A gorgeous gift for those that love lovely things.


Oak Hand-turned Spool

Each oaken spool is hand-turned in a workshop in Devon. The spools ooze craftsmanship, are a superb quality and will last for years to come.

Green Fingers Twool Twine

A super sustainable general-purpose twine with exceptional strength and longevity. It’s soft to handle and perfect for traditional garden use, floristry, crafts and gift wrapping. 

Made from Dartmoor wool, entirely manufactured in the UK and fully biodegradable making it a beautiful and sustainable twine. 

Frog Mug

A bone-china mug, made in the UK, with a frog on it. He’s not looking for trouble, just a tasty snack. Beautiful.

Oak Hand-turned Spool

  • Hand-turned in Devon, UK
  • Oak
  • Dimensions: Diameter of base 8.5cm, Height of spool rod 14cm, Diameter of spool rod 2cm, Total height 16.5cm. All measurements are approximate as each spool is handmade

Green Fingers Twine

  • Made from Dartmoor wool, manufactured in the UK
  • No waste product – totally biodegradable
  • 100 metres of green garden twine

Frog Mug

  • Bone china
  • Made in the UK
  • 300ml
Weight1 kg


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