Artisan Wild Bird Nester

These wild bird nesters are a perfect gift for a bird lover or for the birds in your garden! They are Fair Trade, made from seagrass and recycled sari fabric – every nester unique in colour. Just choose your shape.


Handmade to the highest quality finish using natural seagrass and recycled sari fabric by artisan workers in Southern Bangladesh, this Fair Trade nester benefits both people and wildlife. Ideally, you’d position these nesting pockets in ivy, bushes or hedges to give birds somewhere cosy to shelter and stay safe from predators. Offering a roosting place during harsh winter months, plus in springtime, small birds may use it as a nest.This nester offers a larger cavity which is perfect for small species who roost together.

  • Handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh
  • Natural seagrass and recycled sari material, making each one unique in colour
  • Dimensions: Tahera (teardrop) 27.5cm  x 11.5cm x 14 cm
  • Dimensions:  Anita (spherical) 15.5cm  x 14.5cm x 18.5cm 
  • Dimensions: Shesali (oval) 15cm x 33cm x 18cm
Weight1 kg

Teardrop, Spherical, Oval


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