How Our Gorgeous Gifting Works

What do we mean by Gorgeous Gifting?

We want to make gift giving easy. We aim to take the effort out of finding, collating, wrapping and delivering gorgeous gifts for you.

How do we make Gorgeous Gifting easy?

  • We have thoughtfully sourced individual items that together make a lovely gift.
  • We wrap the gifts in a combination of unique Pea Green paper, tissue, twool-twine (made from the wool of some lovely Dartmoor sheep), and eco-tape and place them in a kraft box. We finish off with a gorgeous Pea Green patterned sleeve, wrapped around your gift box.
  • Our boxes, wrapping paper, tissue, tape and stickers have been chosen for their top notch eco credentials (their recycled content and recyclability).
  • We hand write your message on a beautiful gift postcard of your choice (just select the one you like and type your message).
  • If you have a different combination of gifts in mind or see a mug you’d like added to your gift then just message us and we can sort this out in a flash!
  • We arrange for delivery of your gift, directly to your chosen door. It’s in the bag! (So to speak.)
A gorgeous hand trowel and hand fork gift set including a mug and packet of seeds

Our top-notch eco-credentials explained

  • For our gorgeous wrapping we choose printers that value using sustainable processes and materials and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. The use of non-chemical, vegetable inks and sustainably sourced paper is very important to us.
  • Our 100% wool twine is fully biodegradable and made in the UK.
  • The high recycled content of our kraft boxes made them a good choice for us. They are fully reusable and recyclable.
  • We also choose to use ‘hive’ wrap which is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable protective paper wrap.
  • Gorgeous gifting inside and out!
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